Veteran Endorsements of the VMMA

This is a list of veterans and others who endorse the VMMA. To endorse the VMMA you must register with this website and completely fill out the registration form. Registration is easy and only takes a moment.

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Name Military Branch State
James Sonner Army Tennessee
Forest Fulmer Marine Corps Arizona
Robert Army New Jersey
mark enyart Navy Texas
Steven Higgins Marine Corps California
Matthew Burke Army Alaska
earl harnage National Guard Florida
Brian Courtright Air Force California
Ted E McAfee Air Force Michigan
Jeff Barrick Army Washington
frank schultz Army Texas
Jim Roberts Marine Corps Michigan
Jordan Taylor Army California
michael stinson Marine Corps Michigan
Brandon Army Michigan
Victoria Culkin N/A New Mexico
Steve Haag N/A Texas
Jim Reed Army Michigan
Rick Reese Jr. Army Florida
Elsa Nethercot Coast Guard Oregon
Jeffrey H. Kopsho Army Oregon
Stephen M. Ruiz Army Oregon
Ryan Cron Marine Corps North Carolina
Alexis Villarreal Marine Corps California
Seth Rowland Navy Texas
Clarence Dale Johnson Marine Corps California
Michael Diatalevi Navy California
Dave National Guard Michigan
grant rhoades Navy Nebraska
Gary Hornbeck Marine Corps California
k hobbs Army North Carolina
Richard Wright Army Washington
Richard A. Martin Jr. Army Wisconsin
daniel berton Army Washington
Paul McDougal Army California
Louis Shisler Marine Corps Colorado
Braxton Koch N/A Michigan
Ron Shewey Air Force Oklahoma
Thomas M Walsh RN.CRTT. Navy Michigan
Bill Currey Army Washington
James Army New Mexico
jeffery wiggins Army Montana
Gaston Imai Army California
Brian T Patee Army Washington
pete meadville Army California
Clifford Quick Army Colorado
D. Patrick Dewberry Air Force Texas
John Nelson Marine Corps Florida
Katherine Bounds Army Oregon
Mary Lynn Mathre Navy Virginia
Ron McGinnis Marine Corps Oregon
Ryan Bobo Army Alabama
Daniel Leonard Navy Texas
Tommy Pendleton Navy Florida
Kyle Mickelson Army Wisconsin
Daina H. Carruthers Air Force South Carolina
David Shelton Army Colorado
Carla K. Koenig Army Indiana
travis ratliff Army Wisconsin
Rob Jones Army Florida
Todd Jeffreys Navy North Carolina
Robert Coleman Marine Corps Michigan
Gary Letterle Air Force Ohio
Daniel Seidenberg, US Army, Retired Army California
Terry Piper Army Nevada
Fred Louis Army Connecticut
Scott Goodman N/A Florida
Robert Phillips Coast Guard Oregon
Nicholas Bruno Navy California
Thaddeus Gibes N/A Michigan
Ron Mosher Navy Washington
J. Luce Air Force Texas
Rodney Stahl Army Pennsylvania
James Shaffer Air Force North Carolina
Jack Erb Marine Corps Washington
J Ross Marine Corps California
Robert Army Florida
Tom Peterson N/A Wisconsin
Aaron Giles National Guard California
Patricia Mcardle Navy Virginia
Jack Houx Air Force Oregon
Clifford Deuvall Air Force Texas
Gabriel Army Pennsylvania
David J. Lindsay Air Force Montana
Radek P. Army New Jersey
Michael T. Biernetzky Marine Corps California
George C. Feack Jr. Navy Oregon
Gareth Johnston Army Oklahoma
Ryan Nofsinger Army Wisconsin
Michael Munsell Army Michigan
Cj Parker Navy Indiana
Gianni Tanza Marine Corps Colorado
Joel Ward Army Oregon
Thomas Daw Army New Mexico
Nathanial Howell-Kramer Army Montana
J.N.Garrett-II Army California
Lawrence Merrit Army Maryland
Kevin Norlund Army Washington
Steve Allain Army Michigan
Steven Wells Army Colorado
Joseph Tolman Army Hawaii
Judi Greig Lawson Army Oregon
Brian Army Maine
Charles Osborne Army Colorado
William L. Winget Marine Corps Oregon
Henry Waldvogel Army Oregon
Phillip D Grimes Army Oklahoma
Robert Dann Army Illinois
Rodney Ebertowski National Guard North Dakota
Barclay Keith Army Georgia
Lawrence Blauvelt Army Michigan
Dominic Vita Marine Corps Connecticut
Bob Phillips Coast Guard Oregon
Jeff Flesher Air Force Oregon
Todd Christenson Army Wisconsin
B. D. Chain Army South Carolina
Dennis Wall Air Force California
Glenn Martin Marine Corps Nebraska
Nobody Gam Marine Corps California
Franco Caro Marine Corps Florida
Tom Walsh, RN Navy Michigan
Pawel Laskowski Marine Corps Florida
Laura Cornell Army New York
Edwin H. Engelmann Navy Minnesota
Dennis Worthen Navy Washington
Tom Packer Army Alabama
James Smith Army Michigan
Adam Goldmacher Marine Corps California
Robert Chappelow National Guard Pennsylvania
Terry D Miller Army Oklahoma
Matt Rifkin N/A Hawaii
James Vineyard Army Kansas
John Riccio Navy California
Maria Mackay Army New York
Mitchell J Marieque Army Wisconsin
David Guard N/A District of Columbia
Everett Swift Navy Michigan
David Udg Army Nevada
Adam Kokesh Marine Corps District of Columbia
Robert Wiley Air Force Colorado
Emily Pike Army Oklahoma
Daniel Goodell Army Tennessee
Paul RichardThomas Marine Corps Michigan
Steve Lessard Marine Corps New Hampshire
Benjamin Harrison Army Missouri
Doug Orton Army Michigan
Rami Nassar Army Pennsylvania
Richard A. Graham Air Force Rhode Island
Mel Andres Air Force Oregon
Marty Starliper Air Force Michigan
James McGaugh Marine Corps Michigan
Mikel Smith Army Michigan
Thomas A Vance Air Force Kentucky
Rick Bieniak Army Mississippi
Jeff Chilcutt Army Michigan
Ryan Benge Marine Corps West Virginia
Miguel Vazquez Marine Corps California
Paul Herrera Army California
Edward Lee Carpenter Army California
Michael Kelly Air Force Michigan
Hugh Janus Marine Corps New York
James King Air Force Colorado
Danny Jacobsen Army Michigan