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  • "Patients have made their choice for PTSD. It is marijuana with a vaporizer." Dr. Leveque, MD, PhD.
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  • In recent years, the number of veterans seeking disability compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has spiked by almost 80 percent and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is currently providing more than $4 billion in compensation for the condition. The surge in claims by Vietnam War veterans and other former military personnel has revealed inconsistencies in how veterans are rated for PTSD disability and in compensation levels.

    Against this backdrop, VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) asked the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council to convene a committee of experts to address several issues surrounding its administration of veterans’ compensation for PTSD. The resulting report, PTSD Compensation and Military Service, recommends ways to fix shortcomings in VA's program for evaluating and compensating veterans for service-connected PTSD and to restore confidence that the agency is compensating all veterans fairly. The report also addresses questions about how long after a traumatic event PTSD can arise and how to better manage PTSD claims related to sexual harassment or assault during military service.

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  • Approximately 20% of veterans returning from Iraq/Afghanistan are being diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • Medical research has shown medical marijuana has been very successful in treating PTSD and it's symptoms. Ask your VA doctor to discuss this with you, and advise you on the medical use.
  • Dr. Phillip Leveque is a combat veteran, Physician, Pharmacologist, and Forensic Toxicologist. He is one authority on treating PTSD and it's symptoms with Cannabis. He strongly recommends the use of medical marijuana to veterans with PTSD. (see: Salem News Veterans Articles).
  • Search for more information. Ask your VA doctor, or any VA health care provider to discuss the symptoms with you, advise you for some treatment. Be assertive, every veteran deserves any, and all, medical and/or psychological help. If you do not ask, you may get passed over, not treated. Have no fear in discussing the medical use of marijuana. Many of us veterans are using it now, with our doctors advise.
  • Doctors at the VA recognize the benefits of Medical Marijuana as a PTSD treatment, but refuse to recommend Medical Marijuana as a treatment option. See this article at for more infomation.

"One of the difficulties with post-traumatic stress disorder is that the readiness or need for treatment may emerge years after the trauma. Therefore, veterans and their families need long-term treatment options and long-term access to treatment, even if symptoms are not present at their time of discharge."

William H. Braun, Psychoanalyst
New York, May 19, 2009